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GOODWILL- The 3 keys to happiness


Oxidized Sterling silver GRATITUDE key pendant. 16 inches long on a silver plated brass chain,lobster claw closure. The keys range in size slightly- but are all around 35mm tall.

Sold separately- choose one or layer them all. Gratitude, Generosity, Goodwill

These pendants were based on a talk that my husband, Josh Korda, gave at Dharma Punx NYC.

He talked about the 3 G's of Gratitude, Goodwill and Generosity. In Buddhist teaching these are the antidotes to Hatred, Craving and Self Centered Ignorance- some of the many causes of human suffering and things we can all live with out.

As I was recounting the talk to a friend- I accidentally called them the three keys- and was struck by the idea of combining the two images.

I had a huge bag of vintage keys in my bench- but I didn't want my keys to look like all the other keys out there- so I set to work on a banner that could weave through the key carrying the message.

The oxidized feel keys have a worn, urban-vinatage style- and they work great for girls and guys alike. Josh wears the longer leather/chain version all the time.

Each piece comes packaged in a beautiful amulet pouch made by Buddhist Monks at a monastery in Nepal.


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